Windows Support and Telegraf socket_listener Tutorial Added to TICK Sandbox

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Screenshot of sandbox.bat running in cmd.exe

We’ve updated the TICK Sandbox with some new functionality and an additional tutorial!

The TICK Sandbox is the fastest way to get started with the entire TICK Stack by bringing up each component in Docker, simulating a production InfluxData installation running on separate machines without the management complexity.

To try out the sandbox, you’ll need docker, docker-compose, and git installed. Atlassian has some great guides for getting up and running with git on various platforms, and Docker provides desktop applications for macOS and Windows and install instructions for various Linux distributions.

Once you have the prerequisites installed, just clone the influxdata/sandbox repository and follow the instructions in the README to get started.

This update includes:

  • Windows support
  • The latest version of all components in the TICK Stack
  • A tutorial on using Telegraf with the socket_listener plugin
  • A change to the ./sandbox docker-clean command so that it only removes containers created by the sandbox script

To request a new tutorial or provide feedback, you can open an issue on GitHub or create a post on the InfluxData Community.