ZDNet | InfluxData launches new time series cloud database platform

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Publication: ZDNet Title: InfluxData launches new time series cloud database platform Author: Tony Baer

Abstract: Tony Baer, in this ZDNet article, covers InfluxData’s newly launched InfluxDB Cloud 2.0. He writes: “Unlike InfluxData’s original cloud service, the new one will be serverless. It’s actually the first specialized time series database cloud service out of the gate to do so. Customers pay for use of compute, network and storage; in an upcoming release, InfluxData will add the ability to put rate limits so customers can put upper limits on monthly costs.” Also covering the overall design direction of InfluxData’s new offering, he notes that InfluxDB — since its 2013 release — has become arguably “the most popular time series database with hundreds of thousands of implementations and several hundred customers.”


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