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We are a team of senior advisors and technical professionals inspired and driven with the mission to bring the right experience and expertise to help organizations in their digital transformation and cybersecurity maturity advancements.

The concept promoted is to address cybersecurity threats to the business from a top-down risk management perspective and making it an integral component of the digital transformation.

Himmer Cybertech is in the ecosystem to provide organizations a trusted partner to facilitate a seamless adoption of technology. We bridge the knowledge and competence needed by curating the right components that are required to ensure a solid foundation being laid and a seamless end-to-end delivery of solutions towards your digital transformation goal. We assist organizations to achieve digital readiness through the adoption of best practices and compliance to standards.

We provide solutions for digital data integration that reach deep inside the operation’s level all the way to the cloud, whilst giving high focus and coverage concerning cybersecurity. The successful deployment of a secure converged network between the IT and the OT environment will also provide a foundation to capitalize on the data availability and movement to the cloud. We ensure an end-to-end approach to help organizations in various areas that involves secure data acquisition from legacy systems to Industrial IoT devices, utilizing the cloud services and data analytics. Greater insights can be achieved through advanced data analytics to help organization achieve greater efficiency, productivity and innovativeness. Leveraging the advanced capabilities now made accessible through cloud computing, the application of machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) technology is within reach to most organizations.

The changing working approach also means the need for a more secure remote access which we can combine with proper identity access management to deliver a more comprehensive approach in building a solid foundation for technology adoption.

These are some, but not an exhaustive list, of the areas of expertise that Himmer Cybertech offers. The important differentiator of Himmer Cybertech’s approach is the focus in cybersecurity as a critical aspect of the solution. The goal is to support organizations in the realization of the benefits of technological adoption in a secure manner. Reach out to us for a discovery session to understand your pain points and the approach that we can offer to resolve as well as to exploit the digital realm to become a competitive advantage.

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