ChatID is an application that e-commerce websites can embed on their site to give customers the opportunity to chat with product experts on product pages. So, if you’re shopping for a Samsung TV on Walmart, you can chat directly with people at Samsung. ChatID is building a network of retailers and brands so that customers can chat with any brand. The brands offering chat can continue to use their existing chat system because ChatID integrates with most chat providers, i.e. Olark, LivePerson, Salesforce, etc.

ChatID uses InfluxDB to create time series data sent from their JavaScript application for use in its customer analytics and internal event monitoring systems. The most compelling feature for ChatID was the ability for InfluxDB to handle the sheer number of data writes and still permit querying with amazing performance. ChatID even wrote a SQL query generator in Python to be able to compose queries for the different data models that they store. The bonus is that InfluxDB has also been very simple to operate and maintain.