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GroundWork Inc.

GroundWork Success Story

GroundWork Monitor® integrates availability, performance, and event data together with one-click access to related systems, providing unique multi-context views of infrastructure availability and performance. Combining proprietary and open source software, GroundWork handles the real and the virtual, covering servers, networks, and storage resources as well as web servers, app servers, message managers, database managers, and more.

As a leading open platform for network, application and cloud monitoring, GroundWork Monitor includes InfluxData’s InfluxDB in their performance monitoring platform. Their customers have environments with heterogeneous operating systems, application and hardware environments that need to reduce ongoing monitoring costs, consolidate views and improve staff productivity.

Integrating InfluxDB was easy and performs exceptionally well. It helped them avoid writing and testing a bunch of code. This experience has helped them upgrade their entire performance monitoring subsystem based on InfluxDB, and they could not be happier at this point.

Simplified observability

Provides availability, performance and event together together with access to related systems

Reduced operational costs

Helps clients save money on monitoring and improve developer productivity

Better DevOps practices

Insights into network, app and cloud performance

Technologies Used

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