Innovative Creations, Ltd. is a company that specializes in creating software for businesses. It is located in England, right outside of London. Its services include building digital clouds, IoT, and Big Data solutions, as well as mobile app development, machine learning and bespoke software.

In one project, Innovative Creations built an Industrial IoT (IoT) solution for a client who specializes in energy management of large-scale commercial estates, using InfluxDB. Some of the top companies in the U.K. rely on InfluxDB to manage their estate and meet legal and compliance obligations.

At Innovative Creations, they use InfluxDB Cloud, as it allows them to use a purpose-built time series database, without worrying about managing InfluxDB clusters. They appreciate that they can rely on InfluxDB Cloud being readily available and that the latest versions are always made available. They like that they can easily scale up the performance as their applications grow and are reassured that their clusters are running optimally.