How Wayfair ships code faster and increases revenue

Learn how Wayfair collects over 50 million metrics daily to improve customer satisfaction, by reducing downtime across all web properties with faster root-cause analysis.

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Case study highlights

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    Robust tool needed to monitor website performance

    Migrated from Graphite to InfluxDB for the vibrant community and improved scalability.

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    Improved customer experience

    Understanding the entire customer journey results in increased engagement and reduced churn.

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    Continuous performance insights

    Increased granularity allows for programmers to understand the direct impact each code change has on customer-facing applications.

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    Enhanced data visibility

    By empowering everyone from developers to marketers with relevant data, they are able to become more resilient as the company continues to grow.

Why InfluxDB

InfluxDB was the perfect choice for Wayfair to improve their monitoring.

  • InfluxDB has an ecosystem of related tools for building enterprise-wide installations.

  • Growing customer base from a diverse set of companies.

  • Written in Go, a language that fully exploits multi-core environments.

  • Built with an emphasis on efficient & scalable storage.

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