InfluxDB Cloud Pricing FAQ

Understanding the InfluxDB Cloud usage, billing and pricing.


Currently, InfluxDB Cloud is available on the following providers and regions:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): US West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), US East (Virginia), Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • Azure: East US (Virginia), West Europe (Amsterdam)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): US Central (Iowa) and Europe West (Belgium)

We will be launching in other regions soon. If you require other cloud providers or regions, please fill out this form.

InfluxDB Cloud Locations Map

Free Plan

This InfluxDB Cloud Free Plan allows you to try out all the features and capabilities of InfluxDB Cloud service up to the certain specific service quota limits the Free Plan allows. Free Plan accounts have the following service quotas (rate limits):

  • Writes: 5MB every 5 minutes
  • Tasks & Queries: 300MB every 5 minutes
  • Storage: 30 days of retention
  • Cardinality: Up to 10,000 series
  • Alerting: 2 alert checks and 2 notification rules
  • Also, you can create up to:
    • 5 dashboards
    • 5 tasks
    • 2 databases to store your time series data

Usage-Based Plan

You can upgrade to the Usage-Based Plan at any time with InfluxDB Cloud by going to the Billing page.

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