InfluxDB Community Sessions

What are InfluxDB Community Sessions?

InfluxDB Community Sessions are one-hour, monthly virtual events including InfluxDB Community Office Hours and InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks. Influxers are there to answer your questions about any topic related to InfluxDB or time series.

All sessions are part of our commitment to open source, developer happiness, and time to awesome.

If you’ve missed out on past sessions, you’ll find them below available to watch at your convenience. Don’t forget to sign up for the next edition.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – July 2021 edition

In our July 2021 session, Nga Tran talks about the impacts of sharding, partitioning, encoding, and sorting on distributed query performance. View the presentation.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – June 2021 edition

In our June 2021 session, Marko Mikulicic talks performance profiling in Rust. View the presentation.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – May 2021 edition

In our May 2021 session, Marco Neumann talks about catalogs and turning a set of Parquet files into a data set. View the presentation.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – April 2021 edition

In our April 2021 session, Paul Dix talks about replication, durability and subscriptions in InfluxDB IOx. View the presentation.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – March 2021 edition

In our March 2021 session, Paul Dix and Andrew Lamb talk about query engine design and the Rust-based DataFusion in Apache Arrow. View the presentation.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – February 2021 edition

In our February 2021 session, Paul Dix and Edd Robinson provide an InfluxDB IOx project update: Intro to the InfluxDB IOx Read Buffer - A Read-Optimized In-Memory Query Execution Engine. View the presentation.

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – January 2021 edition

In our January 2021 session, Paul Dix covers the data lifecycle in InfluxDB IOx and how it uses object storage for persistence. View the presentation.

Tech Talks in 2020

InfluxDB IOx Tech Talks – December 2020 edition

In our December 2020 session, Paul Dix and Andrew Lamb provide an update on InfluxDB IOx. You can also view the presentation.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – September 2020 edition

In our September 2020 session, Russ Savage discusses InfluxDB 2.0 and Samantha Wang discussed using Telegraf for IoT Monitoring. You can also view the presentation.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – August 2020 edition

In our August 2020 session, Tim Hall discusses InfluxDB OSS 2.0 and the path to upgrading. You can also view the presentation.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – June 2020 edition

In our June 2020 session, Community Manager Michael Ellis hosts as we take and answer live questions from users in the community. Additionally, John Corrigan provides an Open Source update on demo data, Samantha Wang talks about the new Influx Shorts video channel and Michael Hall reveals the new InfluxDB Inventor program.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – May 2020 edition

In our May 2020 session, Daniel Campbell provides an InfluxDB Open Source update on the multi-user feature and we answer live questions from the community.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – April 2020 edition

In our April 2020 session, Tim Hall provides an InfluxDB Open Source update on version 1.8, and Michael Hall demonstrates how InfluxDB Templates can be used to simplify and reduce workload.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – March 2020 edition

In our March 2020 session, new Community Manager Michael Ellis introduces himself to the community, Russ Savage provides an InfluxDB Open Source Update, and Al Sargent shows us how to use Flux for geotemporal queries.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – February 2020 edition

In our February 2020 session, Michael Hall & Johnny Steenbergen discuss the newly released InfluxDB Templates.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – January 2020 edition

In our January 2020 session, Russ Savage (Director, Product Management) discusses the newly released InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Beta, including InfluxDB Templates and Manifests. Russ demonstrates how to run Manifests from a configuration as code file (YAML or JSON) to create buckets, dashboards, tasks and many more resources for network and Kubernetes monitoring. Find more information about InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Beta and Manifests.

Tech Talks in 2019

InfluxDB Community Office Hours -December 2019 edition

In our December 2019 session, members of our product management, engineering, and DevRel team discuss the latest features available with Telegraf 1.13.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – August 2019 edition

We were joined by David Simmons for an IoT-themed InfluxDB Community Office Hours! Useful links on the topic: Writing data from Arduino to InfluxDB v2 and Enabling the things network for InfluxDB.

InfluxDB Community Office Hours – July 2019 edition

For our July 2019 session, we were joined by Gunner Aasen, Thom Crowe, Michael Desa, and Jacob Marble from InfluxDB to answer questions from the community. We had discussions about InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 beta, Telegraf, InfluxDB OSS, and Flux.


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