The e-book includes:

  • An introduction to edge computing
  • Common edge computing use cases
  • Overview of common challenges companies face adopting edge computing
  • How companies are using InfluxDB at the edge in production
  • Overview of InfluxDB’s Edge Data Replication feature

Time series database highlights


Nothing's too large

Large sets of time-stamped data are no problem for time series databases.

Monitor on-the-fly

The sensitivity of time series data requires accurate monitoring in near real-time; a Time Series Database is made for this.

Data Lifecycle Management

From creation, to transformation, to analysis, and deletion, time series databases handle every phase of your data’s lifecycle.

It's about time

Make your assets at the edge more performant with real-time data.


Designed for time series data, a time series database is more performant than a RDBS, making your data work faster for you.

API and toolset

Get started quickly with more capabilities and less code. Includes a RESTful API, and multiple ways to ingest and use your data.

Why InfluxDB Edge Data Replication?

Process data at the edge and automatically replicate it to the cloud in a durable, reliable way.
  • Automatic
    No need to write complex code or manage separate systems. Edge Data Replication starts with a simple configuration and then sends the data you specify to the cloud automatically.
  • Durable
    Edge Data Replication utilizes a durable on-disk queuing system that continues to function through connectivity errors or outages.
  • Flexible
    Use the same data, or a subset of it, at edge and in the cloud for different purposes. Edge Data Replication ensures the right data gets where it needs to go.

Activate powerful features

Collect, process, transform, and analyze high-precision data for local use, in real time. Replicating that data to the cloud for long-term management and analysis.
  • Cost-efficiency: Moving data to the cloud can be expensive, especially high-volume time series data.
  • Low latency: Processing data at the source removes delays caused by data transfers that can affect real-time output.
  • Fluctuating internet connection: Edge devices with inconsistent connectivity or low bandwidth do not need to rely on the cloud to operate efficiently.
  • Security: Allow devices to be intentionally sealed off and live in an air-gapped environment when necessary.

Featured customers:

Step to the Edge

Find out more by reading the InfluxDB Edge Data Replication tech paper.