InfluxEnterprise is the leading Time Series Platform that has been designed from the ground up to handle metrics and events (time series data). The platform supports the collection, storage, monitoring, visualization, and alerting of time series data.

More details on the platform are described in the InfluxData Product Overview section. InfluxEnterprise is battle-hardened by the engineers at InfluxData and is available via an annual subscription based on the number of nodes needed to meet your business requirements.

The InfluxEnterprise Subscription includes:



InfluxEnterprise includes proprietary (closed source) clustering functionality that allows for the fault-tolerance and scalability of the database (InfluxDB) and the stream-processor (Kapacitor). Clustering allows data to be sharded across nodes and provides the technical infrastructure to support service availability where having guaranteed access to and reacting to your metrics and events needs to be done in real-time all the time. This is key to support SLAs or understand performance metrics to minimize business impact. InfluxEnteprise also supports the de-duping of alerts and notifications where multiple clusters can detect the same pattern in the stream-processing engine.


Access Control

InfluxEnterprise includes proprietary (closed source) access control features that support role-based access control to restrict or allow certain users, or groups of users, from performing certain tasks. InfluxEnterprise supports OAuth which is an open standard for token-based authentication and authorization. Using OAuth, InfluxEnterprise can hook into any enterprise OAuth provider like Google or Okta.

Benefits of role-based access control are

  • Security: the desired level of security can be maintained by roles
  • Minimal admin work: easy for administrators to grant and remove access
  • Ease of Use: no need for users to have to remember more passwords

Incremental Backup

InfluxEnterprise allows incremental backup and restore allowing you to back up only the data that has changed since the previous backup. This reduces the amount of time needed for daily backups, reduces the amount of disk storage needed, and reduces the bandwidth usage when backing up over a network.

This feature is in addition to the backup capabilities provided in the Open Source Platform where only full backups are supported. Furthermore, full backups can only get triggered after stopping the database instance and manually backing it up. The InfluxEnterprise incremental backup feature works with your busy workflow allowing you to backup at any time and not stop any processes.


Enterprise Support

The InfluxEnterprise subscription connects you to a uniquely qualified and skilled team of software professionals with deep expertise running all the components of the InfluxEnterprise product, including support for the complete underlying Open Source Platform (TICK Stack). This subscription provides technical assistance to cover the entire lifecycle—from development and proof-of-concept to QA/test to production and deployment.


Deployment Flexibility

InfluxEnterprise fits with your cloud strategy. It is completely written in Go and distributed as a set of binary files. This allows for the software to be installed and deployed in almost any infrastructure, be that on-premise, private cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM, etc.), public cloud, and virtual private cloud.


InfluxEnterprise is the choice if you want to run the InfluxData platform on your infrastructure, be that on-premise or your own cloud instance. Priced by node, this subscription turns any InfluxData instance into a production-ready cluster. Customers choose InfluxEnterprise for these reasons:


It is the most performant solution with a focus on read/write performance while supporting full clustering.


It is the most flexible real-time solution due to its schema-less design, support for nanosecond precision, and ability to integrate with anything.


It provides the fastest time to results because it is easy to use, easy to change, and easy to scale.


It provides lower total cost of ownership (time to set up, number of servers, price not based on data volume, and compression of data).

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