The Arista Network Visibility Latency Analyzer (LANZ) tracks interface congestion and queuing latency with real-time data collection and reporting. With the LANZ application layer event export, applications can predict impending congestion and latency. This enables the application layer to make traffic routing decisions with visibility into the network layer.

Why use a Telegraf plugin for Arista LANZ Consumer?

The Arista LANZ Consumer Telegraf Plugin is a consumer for use with Arista Networks’ Latency Analyzer (LANZ) to stream data via TCP through port 50001 on the switches management IP into InfluxDB. LANZ provides congestion data by continuously monitoring each port’s output queue lengths. When the length of an output queue exceeds the upper threshold for that port, LANZ generates an over-threshold event. Collecting these metrics into InfluxDB will allow you to gain insights into your networks and enable your applications to react to any changes in the network conditions. You can pair this with a number of other Telegraf plugins to get a view into your entire application stack.

How to monitor your networks with the Arista LANZ Consumer Telegraf Plugin

You will need to configure LANZ and enable streaming LANZ data.

In the Telegraf configuration, you need to list the servers from which you want to collect the streamed metrics.

Key Arista LANZ Consumer metrics to use for monitoring

Some of the important Arista LANZ Consumer metrics that you can use include:

  • intf_name
  • switch_id
  • port_id
  • entry_type
  • traffic_class
  • fabric_peer_intf_name
  • source
  • port
  • queue_size (integer)
  • time_of_max_qlen (integer)
  • tx_latency (integer)
  • q_drop_count (integer)

For more information, please check out the documentation.

Project URL   Documentation

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