AWS CloudWatch Metrics

Amazon CloudWatch, also known as CloudWatch, is a metrics store that Amazon Web Services offers to help customers monitor their applications and cloud resources running on AWS. Users can discover detailed insights from S3, VPC, DynamoDB and 80 other AWS services. With the CloudWatch Telegraf plugin, these metrics can be ingested into InfluxDB to provide a comprehensive view of all infrastructure and application performance.

Telegraf Input Plugin: AWS CloudWatch

AWS CloudWatch is Amazon’s own built-in infrastructure monitoring tool that allows you to monitor AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS. InfluxData has a Telegraf plugin that helps you collect your AWS CloudWatch metrics so you can store and graph them in with the rest of the metrics that you gather from your entire infrastructure. This plugin uses a credential chain for Authentication with the CloudWatch API endpoint.

By gaining more insights through CloudWatch metrics, you can monitor Amazon Web Services. In doing so, CloudWatch metrics give insights to utility, app performance, and overall health. The AWS CloudWatch metrics help to manage all of your AWS servers and make sure that everything is tracked properly.

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Telegraf Output Plugin: AWS CloudWatch

This plugin will send metrics to AWS CloudWatch. This plugin uses a credential chain for Authentication with the CloudWatch API endpoint. For this output plugin to function correctly, the following variables must be configured: region (the Amazon region that you wish to connect to) and namespace (the namespace used for AWS CloudWatch metrics). By correctly configuring these variables, AWS CloudWatch will receive metrics and gather insights from that point.

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Chronograf dashboard with AWS CloudWatch metrics



The CloudWatch Telegraf plugin can collect the following AWS product metric and events

AWS Productdetails
API GatewayMonitor API execution, which collects and processes raw data from API Gateway into readable, near real-time metrics.
AppStream 2.0AppStream 2.0 publishes metrics to enabled detailed tracking and deep dive analysis.
AppSyncMonitor and debug requests in AWS AppSync
AthenaAthena publishes query-related metrics
Billing and Cost ManagementMonitor Your Estimated AWS Charges
Private CACollect metrics to track certificate generation, certificate issue success and failures.
CloudFrontMonitor your CloudFront distributions and the Lambda functions associated with them, as well as troubleshoot issues, by viewing metrics.
CloudHSMPublishes metrics about your HSM instances
CloudSearchSends metrics on each of your domain’s search instances to analyze performance.


AWS and InfluxData

Amazon Web Services partners with InfluxData and offers InfluxDB on the AWS Marketplace with Integrated Billing making it easier than ever to spin up this powerful time series database.

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