FireBoard Thermometer Monitoring

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FireBoard is a digital thermometer that allows you to track temperature across multiple devices at once through a smartphone or the web with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The FireBoard's data logging capabilities allow you to view your historical temperature data so you improve your cooking performance or consistently deliver just what you prefer.

Why use the FireBoard Telegraf Plugin?

FireBoard is a popular digital thermometer used by indoor and outdoor cooks to track the progress of their cooking with a smartphone. The metrics that you view can also be collected with the FireBoard Telegraf plugin to build real time monitoring and alerting as well as dashboards using InfluxDB. Collecting and tracking historical data against your real time will help you to understand what differences the meat, environment, heat, etc can impact your cooking. Also, for bbq aficionados, you can gain that perfect smoke without any negative impacts from the "stall" period.


You can learn more by checking out the details of a talk given by Scott Anderson on how he uses the Fireboard Telegraf plugin for his bbqing.

How to monitor FireBoard using the Telegraf plugin

The FireBoard Input Plugin gathers real time temperature data from FireBoard thermometers. To use this input plugin you will need to also sign up to use the FireBoard REST API. A few other key points to keep in mind:

  • Auth_token
    • In lieu of requiring a username and password, this plugin requires an authentication token that you can generate using the FireBoard REST API.
  • Url
    • While there should be no reason to override the URL, the option is available in case FireBoard changes their site, etc.
  • Http_timeout
    • If you need to increase the HTTP timeout, you can do so here. You can set this value in seconds. The default value is four (4) seconds.

Key FireBoard metrics to use for monitoring

The FireBoard REST API docs have good examples of the data that is available. Currently, this input only returns the real time temperatures. Temperature values are included if they are less than a minute old.

  • fireboard
    • tags:
      • channel
      • scale (Celcius; Farenheit)
      • title (name of the Fireboard)
      • uuid (UUID of the Fireboard)
    • fields:
      • temperature (float, unit)
For more information, please check out the documentation.

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