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Hue Bridge smart lights are home IoT devices designed to personalize and automate lighting. The company creates lightbulbs, lamps, fixtures, and more. Smart lighting lets you choose exactly how you want your home to be lit and what kind of ambiance you want to design.

Why use a Telegraf plugin for Hue Bridge?

The Hue Bridge Telegraf plugin uses a Hue Bridge device’s CLIP API interface to capture statistics on light status and motion sensor data. This lets you monitor the status of your smart lights over time and precisely track the performance of each device. Once data is sent to InfluxDB, you can create dashboards to easily view your home light set-up and play around with different options. You can also set up alerts for any metric that has a threshold you wish to enforce, for example to prevent a lightbulb from overheating.

How to monitor Hue Bridge using the Telegraf plugin

This plugin is external and needs to be integrated using Telegraf’s execd plugin. To configure the Hue Bridge plugin you need to set bridges to define the base URLs of one or more devices to query and the application key to use for authentication. You also need to set timeout to your chosen http timeout in seconds and choose whether to enable debugging.

Within your Telegraf configuration add the following code:

  command = ["/usr/local/bin/telegraf/huebridge-telegraf-plugin", "-config", "/etc/telegraf/huebridge.conf", "-poll_interval", "10s"]
  signal = "none"

Key Hue Bridge metrics to use for monitoring

Some of the important Hue Bridge metrics that you should proactively monitor include:

  • huebridge light
  • huebridge_motion
  • huebridge_temperature
  • huebridge_light_level
  • huebridge_device_power

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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