Jenkins API Monitoring

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Jenkins is an open-source automation server that helps automate the build, test, and deployment process. Teams rely on Jenkins so it is important to monitor Jenkins to ensure that the build process is working smoothly and efficiently.

Telegraf Input Plugin: Jenkins

The Jenkins input plugin gathers information about the nodes and jobs running in a Jenkins instance. This plugin does not require a plugin on Jenkins and it makes use of Jenkins API to retrieve all the information needed.

This Jenkins Telegraf Plugin allows you to collect the following metrics

  • Jenkins node metrics
    • Disk_available
    • Temp_available
    • Memory_available
    • Memory_total
    • Swap_available
    • Swap_total
    • Response_time
    • Num_executors
    • Grouped by Arch, Disk_path, Temp_path, Node_name, status ("online", "offline"), and Source:
  • Jenkins job metrics
    • Duration
    • result_code (0 = SUCCESS, 1 = FAILURE, 2 = NOT_BUILD, 3 = UNSTABLE, 4 = ABORTED)
    • Grouped by Name. Parents, Result, and Source

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