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Konnex (or KNX) is a standard protocol for building automation. It’s used to control energy, security systems, lighting, audio, and more. It links sensors, controllers, and other IoT devices so you can remotely control and automate systems within your home.

Why use a Telegraf plugin for KNX?

The KNX Telegraf plugin lets you collect KNX messages. It does this by connecting to the KNX bus using a KNX-IP interface. The kinds of metrics it collects depend on what you’re using KNX for and can be anything from temperature to whether a window is open. Sending this information to InfluxDB lets you monitor your home automation projects over time and create alerts.

How to monitor KNX using the Telegraf plugin

To configure this plugin you first need to set the type of KNX-IP interface to either “tunnel” or “router.” Then you need to set the address of the KNX-IP interface. You also need to define each measurement with a name, datapoint type, and a list of group addresses.

Key KNX metrics to use for monitoring

The KNX metrics you monitor will depend on your home automation setup. Each measurement stores data in the “value” field and has the following tags:</p>

  • groupaddress
  • unit
  • source
For more information, please check out the documentation.

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