MailChimp Metrics Monitoring

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MailChimp is a marketing automation platform, an email marketing service, and a trading name of its operator, Rocket Science Group. With MailChimp API 3.0, you can sync email activity and campaign stats with your database, manage lists, view and control automation workflows, and test different calls and endpoints before pushing to production.

Telegraf Input Plugin: MailChimp

Collect MailChimp metrics from your campaigns with InfluxData. You can track key metrics like number of emails sent, opens, clicks, and even hard/soft bounces to understand the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

MailChimp Basics

Most people use the MailChimp API to manage subscriber data. You can subscribe and unsubscribe individuals and sync metadata with your systems.

Programmers can use MailChimp's RESTful API to connect MailChimp to a CMS, blog, online store, and more.

The MailChimp API is designed for developers, engineers, or anyone else who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions or integrating with RESTful APIs.

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