OpsGenie Monitoring

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Founded in 2012, OpsGenie is an alerting, on-call management and incident response orchestration solution empowering ITOps/DevOps teams to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

End-to-End Visibility with Fast Time to Resolution

Send Kapacitor alerts to OpsGenie for proper routing and escalation to get the issue resolved to reduce time to resolution. Kapacitor is an open source data processing framework that makes it easy to create alerts, run ETL jobs and detect anomalies. The Kapacitor and OpsGenie integration allows teams to:

  • Collect and use metrics and events data to identify and analyze potential issues
  • Set up automatic escalation of alerts
  • Schedule on-call duty for IT, Ops, or dev teams

OpsGenie Basics

OpsGenie allows you to address future incidents with the potential to impact business; consolidate, prioritize and enrich alerts from monitoring utilities; and manage on-call schedules and define escalations policies. OpsGenie integrates with ticketing and collaboration platforms to help facilitate better communication and collaboration during incident resolution.

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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