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PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database with an emphasis on SQL compliance. PostgreSQL allows users to store large and sophisticated data sets thanks to its many post-relational concepts like in-database functions and user-defined datatypes. PostgreSQL supports different data types in the same data tables, and querying all those different data types simultaneously. This makes it a very powerful and flexible database solution. PostgreSQL also offers robust security to ensure all this data remains secure.

Why use the PostgreSQL Output Plugin?

The PostgreSQL Output Plugin allows you to send metrics stored in InfluxDB to any PostgreSQL database or PostgreSQL-compatible system. The plugin manages the schema of your data and automatically updates any missing columns to ensure consistency across your application or system.

How to use the PostgreSQL Output Telegraf Plugin

By default, the plugin does not utilize concurrency, but you can configure concurrency for increased throughput.

The plugin maps InfluxDB data types to the following PostgreSQL types by default:

The plugin uses templates to give users complete control over their data.

The plugin also provides error handling options. There are different behaviors for temporary and permanent errors.

For more information, please check out the documentation.

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