InfluxData Subprocessors

Current as of April 1, 2020*

In order to provide our customers with InfluxDB Enterprise, InfluxDB Cloud, or any other applicable InfluxData products or services (collectively “InfluxData Services”), InfluxData uses certain third-party suppliers, subcontractors and content delivery networks. At InfluxData’s instruction, some of these third-parties process customer personal data in order to facilitate the InfluxData Services (“Subprocessors”).

InfluxData’s current Subprocessors for the InfluxData Services are listed below. This webpage does not give any party additional rights or remedies and should not be construed as a binding agreement.

InfluxData Services Subprocessor List

InfluxData affiliates:

The following InfluxData affiliates may qualify as Subprocessors for the InfluxData Services:

Entity NameService DescriptionEntity Country
InfluxData Operations UK LTInfluxData affiliateUK, Germany

Data storage services Subprocessors:

Currently, InfluxData production systems for the InfluxDB Cloud services are located in facilities in the following regions:

Entity NameService DescriptionHosting Country/Region - Amazon Web Services (AWS)Cloud services hosting provider (Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3)United States, Canada, Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, UK, and Germany), and Asia (India, Singapore and Australia) – Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Cloud services hosting provider
Microsoft Azure*Cloud services hosting provider

Customer relations management and support Subprocessors:

The following Subprocessors provide customer relationship management and support to InfluxData and its customers:

Entity NameService DescriptionEntity Country
Adaptive Insights*Financial planning toolUS
AvalaraTax calculation providerUS
Calendly*Online appointment schedulerUS
Celigo*iPaaS cloud integration platformUS
ClearbitCRM insights toolUS
CloudflareContent delivery network servicesUS
DomoCRM insights toolUS
DriftCRM insights toolUS
Engagio*CRM Insights toolUS
GainsightCustomer relationship managementUS
GetFeedback*Customer support toolUS
LeanDataCRM insights toolUS
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorCRM Insights toolUS
MarketoMarketing automation platform and databaseUS
NetsuiteFinancial accounting systemUS
OutreachSales engagement platformUS
PagerDutyOn call management and notification serviceUS
Salesforce/Service CloudCRM/Customer support platformUS*Reporting tool for cloud marketplace(s)US
Troops*CRM management/communications toolsUS
ZoomInfo (acquired by DiscoverOrg)CRM insights toolUS


Service-specific Subprocessors:

The following Subprocessors are used to provide specific functionality in connection with the InfluxData Services:

Entity NameService DescriptionInfluxData ServicesEntity Country
Auth0Authentication and authorization management platformInfluxDB CloudUS
Heroku (Salesforce)*Web-portal front-end servicesInfluxDB CloudUS
Honeybadger.ioWeb application uptime monitoringInfluxDB CloudUS
PapertrailCloud hosted log managementInfluxDB CloudUS
StripeOnline payment processingInfluxDB CloudUS
WalkMeWeb based navigation toolInfluxDB Cloud (2.x)US
ZuoraSubscription management softwareInfluxDB CloudUS

*New companies added to the InfluxData Services Subprocessor List. Sigstr and Zendesk have been removed.

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