Enabling Predictive Maintenance in Industrial Operations with InfluxDB

This technical paper discusses what predictive maintenance is, examines different techniques for analyzing industrial equipment, and reveals how time series data is at the heart of everything.

You’ll also learn how a time series database, like InfluxDB, can manage the vast array of time-stamped data from industrial machines to ensure that advanced analytics solutions have what they need to make accurate predictions.

The e-book includes:

  • What predictive maintenance is and how it works
  • The benefits of predictive maintenance and how to get started from the perspective of industrial operators
  • Some potential challenges with predictive maintenance to watch out for
  • Real-world data analysis examples of predictive models in action

Why InfluxData?

InfluxDB is the perfect choice to reduce time to insights, reduce storage costs, and optimize data efficiency.

  • Provide real-time monitoring of operational technology devices
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness & proactive operations
  • Lower storage costs & total cost of ownership
  • Connected real-time edge & single pane of glass

Activate powerful features

A single database that can ingest billions of data points from multiple data sources in real-time with unbounded cardinality to give you real-time insights from sensor and telemetry data.


Purpose-built for time series data

Offering non-blocking writes and reads, availability prioritized over data consistency, and built-in data lifecycle management

High-speed ingest at scale

Designed to ingest millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of sensors & devices and no limits on data cardinality

Telegraf with 300+ plugins for data collection

Customers can utilize MQTT, OPC-UA, or any of the 300+ Telegraf plugins to collect data from sensors & OT machines with nanosecond precision

One API integration

InfluxDB API enables seamless integration with machine learning tools for predictive maintenance & other advanced analytics solutions

Edge Data Replication

Securely replicates any specified data (raw or summary) from InfluxDB at the edge to the cloud and removes complexity from setting up and maintaining edge-to-cloud replication

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