Partner program

Join the InfluxData partner program to enhance the developer experience of your product and accelerate the growth of your user community.

Becoming a partner

As a partner, your company gains unique access to the developer community — ranging from our strong open source community to customers using InfluxDB Enterprise and InfluxDB Cloud. Together with our partners, we aim to deliver value to a broad technology ecosystem.


Open source community

Tap into the thriving community of developers surrounding the popular open source InfluxData projects that comprise of Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Flux lang.

Developer experience

Work directly with InfluxData to optimize and document how your product integrates and operates with InfluxData open source and commercial products – all written in Go.

Time series leadership

Align your product with the leading data platform built specifically for time series, a critical data category for DevOps and the Internet of Things.

Partner engineering

Draw upon the in-house expertise of our engineering team during your integration. Design, experiment, test, and validate your technical solution with our dedicated, experienced team solely focused exclusively on partners.

Joint marketing

Accelerate your go-to-market efforts with the InfluxData marketing team, supporting partners with weekly webinars, joint blog posts, social media, and developer meetups around the world.

Technology Partners

Technology partners have a tangible technical integration between their product and InfluxData. The partner relationship involves creation of joint technical content, connectors, plugins and reference architecture. Once this is complete, InfluxData works with technology partners on joint go-to-market initiatives to showcase the technical collaboration.

  • Promotion of InfluxData on partner site
  • Tangible integration with InfluxData
  • Technical lead assigned to the relationship with InfluxData

Consulting Partners

Consulting partners include or recommend InfluxData as part of an overall project or technical implementation for clients. Typically these are system integrators (SIs), technology consultancies, or professional services firms that build custom solutions for customers. InfluxData may also refer its own customers to consulting partners, where applicable.
  • Promotion of InfluxData on partner site
  • Assigned technical lead to the relationship
  • Complete technical onboarding with InfluxData

OEM Partners

OEM Partners build InfluxData products into their own proprietary commercial offering, either into a SaaS offering or on-premise / private cloud software offering. InfluxData works with OEM partners during the design and development phase and provides backline support for the partner once released to customers.
  • Promotion of InfluxData on partner site
  • Product embeds one of the InfluxData products
  • Lead frontline support for the OEM product

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in becoming an InfluxData partner, please complete the Partners Program Application form or contact us with any question.

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