balena (formerly brings modern DevOps tools and practices to the Internet of Things. Balena software deployment and management platform makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on Linux-based connected devices regardless of their location. With Balena, businesses and developers can jumpstart their IoT projects and applications quickly, slashing development time, cost, and management overhead. Balena has offices in Seattle, Washington, London, England, and Athens (Greece).

Device monitoring made easy with balena and InfluxData

InfluxDB and balena

Using balena, developers can iterate, deploy safely, and manage at scale. Likewise, with InfluxData, developers have a direct view into the state of each, knowing when to make changes to maintain efficiency. Together the two platforms allow developers to focus on their applications and minimize worry and concern about device operation.

Monitor, manage & update remote devices

InfluxDB and balena

Learn more about how balena and InfluxData are working together to make their platforms interoperable.

IoT Gateway reference architecture

In many IoT installations users want to collect all the data for a site, or series of sensors, in a central location before shipping to the cloud. This piece of infrastructure is commonly called a Gateway. Developer teams from Balena and InfluxData collaborated to build an IoT Gateway reference architecture and created an example with Raspberry Pi.

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