Consulting Partner

Extra Red

Extra Red offers consultancy, training and projects related to the world of Middleware, Cloud, DevOps, and IoT. They have over 30 projects developed in 14 European and non-European countries that help their customers in the digital transformation path. They differentiate their offer by knowing how to help their customers adapt to their technology needs and are able to cover all areas such as public administration, the banking world, telecommunications and other private contexts. A key specialization they have is in the area of ndustry 4.0 where they have selected InfluxDB as a core part of their IoT stack.
The Extra Red Internet of Things platform (IOTsnap) uses technologies like Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and the entire InfluxData Stack to offer a comprehensive solution that makes the promise of Industry 4.0 a reality for their data collection and manipulation. This platform is designed with continuous development and cloud architecture methodologies which is required in the digital transformation of any manufacturing process.
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