inray Industriesoftware GmbH is an industrial software company located in northern Germany with over 25 years in the market. inray operates a large distribution network for OPC Router and has more than 30 distributors in 60+ countries and several thousand software licenses implemented worldwide. inray’s products are used in manufacturing companies of all industries.

inray is one of the leading specialists for software in Industry 4.0, IoT, connectivity, HMI/SCADA, MES, machine data and store floor data collection. The software products focus on capturing and merging data and providing information at the right time and place. The portfolio includes, among others, the OPC Router as a user-friendly data hub for Industry 4.0 projects and the Kepware OPC Server as a powerful connectivity platform.

InfluxData and inray

The cooperation between the inray OPC Router and InfluxData opens up new opportunities for companies to make the most of their industrial data, achieve more efficient processes and higher productivity, while reducing costs.

inray’s OPC Router enables seamless integration of various industrial automation systems by connecting data with other applications. InfluxData, on the other hand, provides a powerful platform for storing and analyzing this data, especially time series data.

By combining the two solutions, companies get a comprehensive solution for capturing, storing and analyzing data in real time. This enables improved monitoring, analysis and optimization of processes. Many customers already rely on this joint solution, which underpins and consolidates the importance of our cooperation.

OPC Router InfluxDB Plugin

With the InfluxDB plugin, the OPC Router is able to transfer data from IT to OT and vice versa — this includes cloud platforms as well as MES an SAP systems and field level system components — to make these data volumes available for analytics and Big Data applications.

For several years, the OPC Router with its InfluxDB plugin has already offered the possibility of an on-premises solution for data connection. For quite a while now, the cloud connection has also been possible, so that the full potential of the connection and data usage can be realized from the cooperation.

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