Prescient is the industry-leading, edge-to-cloud data automation company, focused on helping companies rapidly and economically solve their most complex edge DataOps and IIoT challenges. Easily work with countless data sources originating from the network edge, cloud, or both. Users can build and manage hundreds of flexible data models, distributed data pipelines, and automated workflows. Prescient empowers data engineers, system integrators and innovators to design and orchestrate edge data solutions from the cloud and deploy them to run at the edge.

Make edge data manageable with Prescient Designer

Prescient Designer and InfluxDB

Take control of your edge data with Prescient Designer, designed to help data engineers, system integrators, and innovators build and manage their distributed edge data with ease. Extract and transform sensor and edge data where it’s being produced, with InfluxDB already integrated to run closer to your edge data source. Manage your edge data sources while optimizing and working from the cloud.

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Prescient and InfluxDB: simplified edge data management

Prescient Designer


Extract various sensor and edge data and use them with InfluxDB


Use InfluxDB at the edge and in the cloud

Monitor physical data parameters over hundreds of sites with Prescient Designer and InfluxDB

Using Prescient Designer and InfluxDB, you can monitor over 100 physical data parameters while managing data models consistently between the edge and the cloud. Our low-code software helps engineers build this application in 2 months with the ability to scale to hundreds of sites. InfluxDB is integrated with Prescient Designer and provides system status logging and data buffering in the case of network or power loss to keep your edge data solutions worry-free and flexible.

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Monitor CNC machine toolset with Prescient Designer and InfluxDB

Deploy a predictive maintenance solution for industry 4.0 applications within a week using Prescient Designer and InfluxDB. Add vibration sensors to monitor your CNC machine toolset to detect errors early and prevent costly damage. InfluxDB is integrated with Prescient Edge for local redundancy. Build and customize this solution for deployment in a week.

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How to use InfluxDB 2.0 with Node RED | 5-minute tutorial

In this short tutorial, we will show you how you can use InfluxDB 2.0 with Node-RED and Prescient Designer.

How to use InfluxDB with Node RED | 8-minute tutorial

A bite-sized tutorial to show you how you can use InfluxDB with Node-RED and Prescient Designer.
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