Rancher Labs is a software company working on operating-system-level virtualization tools, more commonly known as Linux Containers. Founded in 2014, Rancher Labs introduced two main tools: Rancher, a container management platform for Docker container systems, and RancherOS, a Linux operating system distribution simplified to host containers.

Simplifying Kubernetes with InfluxData and Rancher

The Rancher container management platform simplifies running K8s in production, making it easy to configure, deploy, and manage K8s across any infrastructure. Together, Rancher and InfluxData simplify the developer experience-optimizing the handling of time series data in production with K8s environments.

Monitoring containers running Kubernetes

Developers using Rancher for container orchestration and management can quickly deploy the InfluxData time series platform in that environment. Whether building monitoring applications for DevOps environment or real-time analytics in a web application, developers can deploy InfluxData in Rancher without hassle.

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