VictorOps is purpose-built for teams powering the evolution of software. With on-call basics, cross-team collaboration, and streamlined observability, we champion the engineers powering both innovation and uptime.

The best companies innovate faster than ever—which means stuff breaks just as quickly. In a world of constant innovation, VictorOps enables teams to minimize the blast radius of downtime and build with confidence. Your team can resolve incidents faster, minimize downtime, and reduce the break-fix cycle. They can break down siloed teams to support ongoing collaboration and learning. And gain essential diagnostics (both human and machine) across your toolchain to identify critical signals and address production issues.

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Many companies are working to define their expectations for the SRE role and the SRE toolchain, which, like the role itself, continues to evolve. The tools SREs use at any given time will depend on where an organization is in their SRE journey. Less mature organizations will tend to use more specialized operations tools while more mature organizations will see more convergence between SRE and software engineering toolchains. So, while it’s certain that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” set of tools, teams will experiment with and adapt with the right tools as they seek new, efficient ways to bring greater reliability to everything they do.

Join VictorOps, Grafana and InfluxData as we explore a couple of the basic tools your SRE team can set up to drive a culture of innovation and uptime.

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