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Query and code together with Flux — a powerful language from the makers of InfluxDB that allows developers to gain insights across time.

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what is flux

What is Flux?

Flux lang is a functional data scripting language designed for querying, processing, writing, analyzing, and acting on data from InfluxDB and many other sources like SQL Databases (Big Query, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server), annotated CSVs, JSON, and Bigtable.

The purpose of Flux


“Flux is much more flexible because it is not just a query language... The ability to combine data from different sources is great.”

Dr. Angelo Fausti, Software Engineer, Vera C. Rubin Observatory

Why use Flux?

Flux lang is easy to learn with excellent readability making it comfortable to be productive. It has a command line interface and a web-based UI for point-and-click script building. As Flux is a composable language, developers can chain together functions or build custom functions that work specifically for bespoke applications.

In addition, since Flux queries are code, they can be tested and checked into source control systems, be tested in isolation, or for complex queries, be built from separately tested sub-components. Finally, Flux allows developers to work in their preferred method.

Flux Features

Flux basics

Data from anywhere

InfluxDB supports querying, joining, and transforming time series, geo location and data from your SQL data sources to help you gain the insights you need in your applications.


VS Code Plugin

Write and run Flux scripts natively in VS Code

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Flux syntax basics

This guide walks through how Flux handles a few simple expressions.

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Work with Flux data types

A Flux data type defines the set of possible values and operations.

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