InfluxDB 2.0

Currently in Beta, InfluxDB 2.0 has everything you need from a time series platform in a single binary.

What is InfluxDB 2.0?

InfluxDB 2.0 is the essential time series toolkit — dashboards, queries, tasks and agents all in one place.

Why use InfluxDB 2.0?

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    Faster time to awesome

    InfluxDB 2.0 has everything you need from a time series platform in a single binary – multi-tenanted time series database, UI and dashboarding tools, background processing and monitoring agent, all behind a single API. For those coming from InfluxDB 1.x, we have essentially collapsed “I,C,K” from the TICK Stack into a single binary. We have shareable dashboards, alerts and queries optimized for specific workloads and solutions.

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    Deep insights and analytics

    Although Flux is now available in InfluxDB 1.x, the full power of Flux is realized in InfluxDB 2.0. Flux is a fourth-generation programming language designed for data scripting, ETL, monitoring and alerting. Read more about Flux.

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    Optimized for developer productivity

    Everything in InfluxDB — ingest, query, storage and visualization — is now accessible in a unified API. This enables faster time to awesome for developers because everything in the platform can now be programmatically accessed and controlled. Download as a single binary or access the free tier with InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 and the full power of an integrated dashboarding, alerting, and monitoring agent are at your fingertips. With powerful client libraries in popular languages like Go, Java, PHP and Python, developers will be up in running in minutes.

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    Native Prometheus support

    InfluxDB has first-class support for the Prometheus exposition format and can act as a metrics scraper, supporting both push and pull models out of the box. We are working on native PromQL support which should be out later this year.

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    Easy-to-build, easy-to-share templates

    InfluxDB Templates — a new set of tools that includes a packager and a set of pre-made monitoring solutions — allow you to share your monitoring expertise with coworkers and other community members around the world. The InfluxDB Templates gallery features available templates covering some of the most popular tools, applications, and protocols.

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Available as InfluxDB open source, InfluxDB Cloud & InfluxDB Enterprise

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