How to Build an IoT App Workshop

In this hands-on session by InfluxDB University, we walk you through how to get started building an IoT app.

We showcase a fully functional sample application called IoT Center built on InfluxDB. IoT Center demonstrates the capabilities of the InfluxDB platform to develop a JavaScript-enabled time-series-based application. It collects, stores and displays a set of values that include temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 concentration, air quality, and provides GPS coordinates from a set of IoT sensors. Storing this data in InfluxDB allows the application to query it for display and to write data back into the database.

In this two-hour workshop, we cover how to install the open source code for IoT Center and how to query and write data to InfluxDB using the JavaScript client library. We provide some tips for getting familiar with Flux, a scripting language designed for querying, analyzing, and acting on time series data. Finally, we detail how to collect and visualize performance data from a Node.js application.