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Why monitoring your Container orchestration is good for business

Everyone is talking about how Containers are the way to deploy and run services. It helps developers deploy higher quality code faster by providing a consistent environment across the different phases of development (test, staging, prod) and is perfectly perfect mechanism to push application changes out regularly. Containers and container orchestration may be new to your organization, but they still require monitoring to ensure they are set up for optimal performance. However, your traditional monitoring solutions will not be able to handle the large load of ephemeral services and server instances and will not be able to help you spot the blind spots in your workflows.

In this webinar, Chris Rosen, IBM Container Service Offering Manager, and Gunnar Aasen, Partner Engineering, provide an introduction to the IBM Container Services using Kubernetes and InfluxData. From there, they will show you how to use the two together to setup and monitor your containers and microservices to properly manage your infrastructure and track key metrics (CPU, RAM, storage, network utilization), as well as the availability of your application endpoints.

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