Performance Benchmarking: InfluxDB 3.0 vs. InfluxDB Open Source

Time series is one of the fastest growing database categories in the world. Those who build with the highest-performing, most efficient time series database as their foundation will have the advantage. We’re excited to provide developers a superior product with InfluxDB 3.0 – it is built with Rust and Apache Arrow.

This technical paper compares InfluxDB 3.0 to its predecessor, InfluxDB Open Source. The analysis deep-dives into data ingestion rates, on-disk data compression, and query performance. This benchmarking test provides a clear framework for comparing InfluxDB 3.0 with previous versions of InfluxDB, including 1.x and 2.x.

Dig into the details to understand how users are improving their query performance, scaling their high-cardinality workloads, and lowering their total cost of ownership with InfluxDB 3.0.