Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB

Amazon Timestream for influxdbTM

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Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB is a fully-managed time series database service from Amazon that is based on open source InfluxDB.

Built for:

  • Low-cardinality workloads
  • Developers and small teams who want to use the popular InfluxDB open source without the management overhead
  • Operational time series use cases such as monitoring infrastructure, services, or API-calls

With Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB, developers can get started in minutes by creating an InfluxDB database and using its open source APIs to build time series applications with near real-time query responses.

Develop your time series applications using the most popular open source time series database. Leave all the database administration tasks—including backups, upgrades, patching, monitoring, and scaling—to the industry-leading cloud provider, Amazon.

Perfect for open source developers and small teams.

Amazon Timestream
for InfluxDB

Open source InfluxDB without the management overhead.

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