Hands-On Advanced Flux Training

Session date: 2022-11-08 01:00:00 (Pacific Time)

Duration: Two-day, hands-on in-person course. Date: November 8-9, 2022 | 9 am – 5 pm GMT Location: London, UK Available spots: Spots are limited and only the first 50 will be able to register. All students who successfully complete the course will earn a sharable digital badge in recognition of their accomplishment. Registration: The fee for Flux Training is $500 (Registration for the training will also include automatic registration to the InfluxDays virtual event on November 2-3, 2022). If you need assistance with your registration, please contact [email protected].
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Training overview

This instructor-led live in-person course from InfluxDB University dives into advanced uses of the Flux language for InfluxDB 2.x by InfluxData. The course will cover subjects from Data Engineering to Data Science using Flux to manipulate time series data. After taking this class, attendants will be able to:
  • Articulate and implement advanced use cases for InfluxDB
  • Explore time series schemata understanding the measurements, the tag sets and the field sets
  • Understand alternatives in modeling time series schemata
  • Build data enrichment pipelines that compute metrics across multiple time series using Fluxlang
  • Understand how to choose between joining and pivoting time series
  • Explore time series data to detect trends using smoothing operations and learn to detrend a time series
  • Dissect time series data to identify how data spread evolves over time using aggregate windows and learn to normalize a time series
  • Look for correlation over time between pairs of time series and assess it numerically
  • Recognize repetitive patterns in a time series (a.k.a., seasonality) and learn to remove it
  • Understand the basics of time series forecasting
  • Learn to assess if it is possible to forecast a time series
  • Practically use the Holt-Winters method to forecast a time series that presents both trend and seasonality
  • Visualize the query results using advanced graphs from InfluxDB Cloud UI
  • Learn to develop dashboards that users can customize using Variables
  • Build and deploy real-time data analytics pipelines

Prerequisites and notes

  • Basic notions of InfluxDB data model
  • Basic notions of Fluxlang scripting including:
    • filtering by measurement, tags’ keys and values, fields’ keys and values
    • using aggregate windows for event summarization and time series synchronization
  • Knowledge about advanced data engineering tasks such as time series schemata exploration, and time series enrichment (would be helpful)
  • Knowledge about basic data science tasks such as trend detection, spread/correlation assessment, recognition of repetitive patterns (would be helpful)
  • We highly recommend completing the free self-paced Beginner Flux and Intermediate Flux courses if you have not attended an InfluxDays Flux training in the past.
  • All participants will need:
    • A laptop for class labs and exercises
    • A free account in InfluxDB Cloud (You will need your InfluxDB Cloud Org ID to complete registration)
    • An InfluxDB Community Slack account
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featured speaker

Emanuele Della Valle, PhD

Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano

Expert in semantic technologies and stream computing. Brander of stream reasoning: an approach to master the velocity and variety dimension of Big Data blending stream processing and AI +20 years experience in innovation and research projects.

featured speaker

Marco Balduini, PhD

Founder & CEO, Quantia Consulting

Expert in data processing, data integration, and data science technologies. Main contributor of the C-SPARQL Engine, author of Streaming Linked Data framework and FraPPE ontology ~10 years experience in innovation and research projects.