Real-Time Insights at Any Scale with InfluxDB on AWS

Meet with the InfluxDB technical team at AWS Summit New York on July 10, 2024, booth #556, to chat about your use case and InfluxDB’s new offerings. InfluxDB provides sub-second query responses for recent data, 90% lower storage costs, and high data interoperability with an open table format.

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Stop by and Say Hello

The InfluxDB team will be on-site at AWS Summit New York on July 10, 2024. Stop by booth #556 to meet with InfluxDB experts.


InfluxDB Demo

Check out our in-booth demo, showcasing InfluxDB’s ability to handle high-velocity, complex data streams involving spatial, temporal, and operational dimensions.


Giveaways & Raffle

Swing by our booth and snag a pair of our famous InfluxDB socks. While you’re there, grab some fun stickers for your laptop and enter our raffle!



InfluxData and AWS partnership

Together, InfluxData and AWS are working to simplify the developer experience for time series data by making it easier to discover, register, and deploy InfluxDB Cloud within AWS. Learn More


InfluxData Achieves AWS Data and Competency Status

InfluxData has achieved AWS Data and Analytics Competency status in both Data Analytics Platforms and NoSQL/New SQL categories, recognizing their expertise in helping customers utilize AWS services for large-scale data management and analytics. Learn More


InfluxDB Serverless on AWS

An elastic, fully-managed cloud infrastructure that frees you up to focus on what matters most–building awesome apps. Start Now


Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB

InfluxData partners with AWS to introduce "Amazon Timestream for InfluxDB," a new managed offering allowing AWS customers to run single-instance open-source InfluxDB natively within the AWS console. Read More


Amazon CloudWatch Statistics Telegraf Plugin

Ingest metrics from over 85 AWS services into your InfluxDB instance. Learn More


Shortcuts to IoT success with InfluxDB and AWS

Learn how integrating InfluxDB and AWS can help you achieve success with your sensor data. Read Paper


Optimize industrial IoT data with InfluxDB and AWS

Enable real-time advanced statistical analysis, machine learning models, and artificial intelligence-derived insights. Learn More


TL;DR InfluxDB tech tips: Downsampling with Flight SQL and AWS Lambda

This tutorial covers how to downsample data using the new InfluxDB storage engine and AWS Lambda. Read More


Combining the Power of InfluxDB and AWS for IoT

Watch a demo of how to get value from your IoT data with AWS IoT Core, Kinesis, and InfluxDB. Watch Now


Teréga Replaced Its Legacy Data Historian with InfluxDB, AWS, and IO-Base

Teréga built their platform on InfluxDB to gain real-time metrics, unrestricted data ingestion, and better ecosystem integration. Read More


Amazon Kinesis Consumer Telegraf Plugin

The Amazon Kinesis Telegraf Plugin pulls in time series metrics from your applications, infrastructure, and sensors. Learn More


Amazon ECS Telegraf Plugin

Collect metrics about your Amazon ECS cluster, the tasks, memory, CPU consumption, and more. Learn More


Discover InfluxDB 3.0

InfluxDB 3.0 delivers new features and capabilities, significant performance improvements, and native SQL support. Watch Now


Why Architecting for Disaster Recovery is Important for Your Time Series Data

Capital One built a fault-tolerant solution with full disaster recovery capabilities, with InfluxDB and AWS, that collects and stores metrics and events. Learn More


Why Choose a Purpose-Built Time Series Database?

Details on what makes InfluxDB different from other propose-built solutions and a dive into horizontal use cases built with time series data. Download Paper


Developer Education

Free training for time series app developers