Announcing InfluxDB v0.13 Plus Clustering Early Access

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The team at InfluxData is excited to announce the immediate availability of InfluxDB v0.13 of the TICK stack!

What's the TICK stack? It's InfluxData's end-to-end platform for collecting, storing, visualizing and alerting on time-series data at scale. Learn more.

We are also pleased to announce early access to InfluxDB Enterprise. If you have been waiting for InfluxDB clustering to run on your infrastructure with the ability to rebalance nodes, plus a slick UI to deploy, manage and monitor the deployment, InfluxDB Enterprise is for you.


Like what you see? Contact us to request a demo, get early access plus pricing from one of our solutions architects.

InfluxDB v0.13

v0.13 is a significant InfluxDB release delivering robust features and stability to the single server experience. This is also our final major milestone before we launch 1.0. New in this release:

  • Upgrade to Go v1.6.2 delivering performance gains
  • Support for DELETE FROM
  • Time Zone Support - offset argument in the GROUP BY time(...) call

There’s a total of 27 new features and 32 bug fixes! Detailed release notes can be found here and downloads here.

Telegraf v0.13

New in this release:

  • New Input Plugin: "filestat" to gather metrics about file existence, size, etc.
  • HAProxy socket support
  • Support for Docker container IDs to track per container metrics

There’s a total of 17 new features and 21 bug fixes! Detailed release notes can be found here and downloads here.

Chronograf v0.13

New in this release:

  • Design update and performance improvements to the visualization index pages
  • "Visualization cards" have been replaced with more performant list items


Downloads are here.

Kapacitor v0.13

InfluxDB’s native data processing and alerting engine now supports BYOA (bring your own algorithm) analytics. UDFs written in languages of your choice running in Docker containers can be launched independent of Kapacitor by exposing a Unix socket. On startup Kapacitor will connect to the socket and begin communication, applying the UDF logic to the time series data being processed.

New in this release:

  • UDFs can be connected over a Unix socket. This enables UDFs from across Docker containers to be applied to the Influx data pipeline.
  • CLI features to ID, list and delete tasks, recordings and replays
  • API lock down to a stable 1.0 version

There’s a total of 18 new features and 8 bug fixes! Detailed release notes can be found here and and downloads here.

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FREE Technical Papers

Today we also launched a new “Technical Papers” landing page on where developers and architects can download long reads that dive deep into a variety of InfluxDB related topics. Right now we’ve got three papers posted:

Make sure to check back often as we’ll be uploading new papers every other week!

FREE Virtual Training Summer Schedule is Live!

We’ve just added eight sessions to the virtual training schedule. In addition, we’ll be debuting three new topics including:

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