the influxdata platform

The platform for time-series data


Based on the TICK stack, InfluxData is an end-to-end platform
for managing time-series data at scale.

The TICK Stack

The TICK Stack

The InfluxData Platform is the first purpose-built, end-to-end solution for collecting, storing, visualizing and alerting on time-series data at scale. Based on the TICK stack, all of the components of the platform are designed to work together seamlessly. What’s the TICK stack? It’s our vision for a complete data platform to manage time-series data.


An open source, plugin­ driven collection agent for writing data to InfluxDB

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The “T” in the TICK Stack

Telegraf is an open source agent written in Go for collecting metrics and data on the system it's running on or from other services. Telegraf then writes the data to InfluxDB in the correct format.

Key Features

MIT License
Minimal memory footprint
Extensible plugin design with 40+ input and output plugins
Support for datasources like MongoDB, MySQL and Redis
Messaging systems like Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ
Third party APIs like Mailchimp, AWS CloudWatch and Google Analytics
Collect system metrics like CPU, Memory, I/O, etc


An open source time series database

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The “I” in the TICK Stack

InfluxDB is an open source database written in Go specifically to handle time series data with high availability and performance requirements. InfluxDB installs in minutes without external dependencies, yet is flexible and scalable enough for complex deployments.

Key Features

MIT License
Simple to install, yet highly extensible
Purpose-built for time series data, no special schema design or custom app logic required
Thousands of writes per second with the new TSM1 storage engine
Horizontal clustering for high availability in active development
A native HTTP API means no server side code to manage
Time-centric functions and an easy to use SQL­like query language
Data can be tagged, allowing very flexible querying
Answer queries in real­time with every data point indexed as it comes in and immediately available in less than 100ms


A UI for securely visualizing and graphing time-series data

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The “C” in the TICK Stack

Chronograf is a single binary web application that you can deploy behind your firewall to do ad hoc exploration of your time series data in InfluxDB. It includes a library of intelligent, pre-configured dashboards for common data sets.

Key Features

Simple installation and configuration
Tight integration with InfluxDB makes getting connected to data easy
Support for ad-hoc visualizations
Smart query builder designed to work with large datasets
Collect multiple graphs into dashboards


An alerting framework for InfluxDB

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The “K” in the TICK Stack

Kapacitor is a data processing engine. It can process both stream (subscribe realtime) and batch (bulk query) data from InfluxDB. Kapacitor lets you define custom logic to process alerts with dynamic thresholds, match metrics for patterns, compute statistical anomalies, etc.

Key Features

Stream data from InfluxDB or query from InfluxDB
Trigger events/alerts based on complex or dynamic criteria
Perform any transformation currently possible in InfluxQL, for example: SUM, MIN, MAX, etc.
Store transformed data back into InfluxDB
Process historical data, for example: backfill data using a processing pipeline


Real-Time Analysis

The InfluxData platform possesses on-the-fly computational capabilities that allows companies to make data available within milliseconds of its capture. This means lines of business can react aggressively, yet with intelligence to dynamic market conditions.

Historical Analysis

The InfluxData Platform can store billions of data points for historical analysis. This allows organizations to surface long-term patterns by correlated data that exposes trends, seasonal variations and other insights.

Predictive Analysis

InfluxData enables organizations to conduct historical and real-time analysis within a single data management platform. This capability allows them to create models and predictive scores on the outcome of both short and long-term events using a combination of data as appropriate.

Reduced Costs

InfluxData aggregates and precomputes time-series data before it is written to disk. This saves time and costs associated with processing and storing the data for future use. Data at rest can automatically be aged out with InfluxDB’s retention policies. This reduces costs associated with storage and managing unnecessary backups.

Quality Control

InfluxData’s ability to store time-series data from any system, sensor or app that emits it helps organizations identify deviations detrimental to the quality of a service or product, quickly.

Implementation Speed

The InfluxData platform’s ease-of-use is one of its defining features. This means standing up a complete platform that collects, stores, visualizes and alerts on time-series data can be accomplished in minutes, not days or weeks.


At InfluxData, we understand that many organizations already have IT components deployed and are challenged with figuring out how to integrate them into whatever time-series data management solution they pick. The InfluxData platform is open source and extensible by design. It can be easily integrated with popular 3rd-party collection agents like statsd, visualization tools like Grafana and alerting frameworks like Bosun.

InfluxData Platform