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Barbara Nelson

Barbara Nelson

Barbara leads the engineering team at InfluxData. She has extensive experience leading globally distributed teams in designing, developing, deploying and supporting products and services that are delivered on a cloud-based service platform and on a range of client platforms. Prior to InfluxData, Barbara had a variety of engineering and technical leadership roles, including VP Engineering at iPass, CTO at Cirrent, and Principal Architect at eBay. Barbara has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Update: Linux Package Signing Key Rotation

UPDATE 2023-01-26: As of 2023-01-26, InfluxData’s Linux packaging signing key has been rotated. Users should update their configuration to use the new key. Original 2023-01-24: On January 4th, CircleCI issued an alert recommending that all CircleCI users rotate their secrets. InfluxData...

Notebook Sharing

It’s that season of sharing, and in the spirit of sharing, we have a new feature to share with you – notebook sharing. Now you can take your favorite InfluxDB notebooks and share them with whoever you would like. They don’t...

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