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Jason Myers

Jason Myers

Jason Myers is currently a Content Marketing Manager at InfluxData. He earned a PhD in modern Irish history from Loyola University Chicago. Since then, he has used the writing skills he developed in his academic work to create content for a range of startup and technology companies. When he's not writing, you can usually find him playing music of some sort.

Getting Started Using Scripts with InfluxDB

This article was originally published in The New Stack and is reposted here with permission. Using scripts with a time-series database helps developers streamline application development, scale workloads and build lean integrations. Time-series data is everywhere, and that reality isn’t going...

Using SQL with InfluxDB

One of the significant features announced with InfluxDB IOx is native SQL support. Even if SQL isn’t the lingua franca of the computing world, there are no doubt those that could make a case for it. There seems to be some...

Reimagining nmon Using InfluxDB

IBM engineer Nigel Griffiths built nmon in the 1990s to monitor operating system performance data for AIX. Since its original launch, Griffiths revisited and revamped nmon. For example, he built an open-source version for Linux. Despite drastic change in the very...

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