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Jessica Wachtel

Jessica Wachtel

Jessica Wachtel is a Developer Marketing Writer at InfluxData where she creates content that helps make the world of time series data more understandable and accessible. Jessica has a background in software development and technical journalism.

Two Methods for Connecting to InfluxDB 3.0

InfluxDB 3.0 has 10x better storage compression and performance, supports unlimited cardinality data, and delivers lightning-fast SQL queries compared to previous versions. These gains are the result of our new database engine built on top of Apache Arrow. Apache Arrow processes...

Come See Us at Microsoft Build 2023

Get ready to build, folks. The InfluxData team is heading to Microsoft Build 2023 this month. There are live and virtual components to Microsoft Build, and we prepared live demos for both. We have a booth on-site at the event in...

The TIG Stack in IIoT/OT

Many industrial operators find themselves amid yet another industrial revolution. Deeper insight through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integrations characterize this fourth wave (or Industry 4.0). Data is no longer just a record occupying server space. It’s alive and...

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