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Todd Persen

Todd Persen

Package Repository for Linux

Warning! The instructions below are no longer valid. Please see the product documentation for updated instructions. Today we are officially announcing the InfluxData package repository. This package repository can be used with Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, and CentOS Linux package management systems,...

Deploying InfluxDB with Ansible

Today we will cover how to deploy and configure an instance of the time series database InfluxDB using Ansible. Why Ansible? Out of all of the configuration management tools out there, why use Ansible? The answer, at least for me, has...

Continuous Queries in InfluxDB - Part I

Warning! Please note that this blog is over 1 year old, please review the latest on InfluxDB and read the InfluxDB documentation on continuous queries. Queries returning aggregate, summary, and computed data are frequently used in application development. For example, if...

Building Custom Interfaces For InfluxDB

In addition to shipping with a basic admin interface, InfluxDB also allows you to create custom interfaces with a little bit of HTML and JavaScript and drop them into the admin interface as plugins. This makes it easy to build custom...

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