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Mark Herring

2018: A Transformative Year for InfluxData

In 2018, InfluxData experienced the most accelerated growth in our company’s history. Every major sector of our business made progress well beyond initial goals. Expanding our category leadership, we empowered more developers to build next-generation applications aiding in real-time decision making...

Navdeep Sidhu

Getting Started with Flux

Recently we concluded a series of six ‘office-hour’ webinars on Flux, InfluxData’s new functional data scripting language designed for querying, analyzing, and interacting with data. The goal was to answer any Flux-related questions and also get community feedback to improve the...

David G. Simmons

Get Hackaday-ing

If you’re a hardware hacker, or know a hardware hacker, you’ve no doubt heard of They always have super interesting content on hacks, projects, and you can even buy some cool boards, tools, and swag. But that’s not why I’m...

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