InfluxData Shines in Comparably’s Workplace Culture Awards

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Company culture is a source of pride for InfluxData, and I am incredibly proud to share that our employees agree. Last week we were recognized with four Comparably Workplace Culture Awards, winning in each of the categories for small and midsized companies: Happiest Employees, Best Company for Compensation, Best Company for Work-Life Balance, and Best Company for Perks and Benefits.

These new awards come after already winning six awards from Comparably earlier this year:

  • Best Teams for Engineering & Best Company Outlook in Q1
  • Best CEOs for Women, Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Leadership Teams, and Best Career Growth in Q2

Comparably is a leading workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform. It determines awards by collecting sentiment ratings anonymously provided by employees about their workplaces in multiple categories. Winners are then selected based on 20 core metrics, ranging from leadership, professional development opportunities, compensation, work-life balance, perks and benefits, and other culture metrics.

We are particularly excited about winning this group of awards as they are a direct reflection of the incredible culture that we’ve built at InfluxData. Since transitioning to a fully remote workforce, we’ve committed to ensuring our employees are a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community around the world. That message has resonated and made us a stronger company. For example, one survey respondent stated, “Everyone is super positive and supportive. I feel really comfortable asking questions or getting help from my peers. My peers tend to want to uplift and add levity so it’s not a pressure cooker here at work.”

This mentality is derived from InfluxData’s core values that we hire and lead by:

  • We value each other
  • We get stuff done
  • We believe humility drives learning
  • We embrace failure
  • We are committed to open source.

As an open source developer-focused company, we are committed to collaboration, transparency, and innovation in everything we do. As one respondent from the customer success department put it, their InfluxData teammates “Make me feel like I have a community at work.”

InfluxData continues to lead the time series space with regular innovations to our InfluxDB platform and new capabilities that improve the developer experience. Just as importantly, we apply that same level of innovation to building our company culture because we believe our products and solutions can only be as strong as the teams that build and support them. A large part of this is a culture of respect that keeps individual team members motivated and invested in the hard work they contribute on a daily basis.

“Getting the little daily wins are really fun and are celebrated at work,” said one respondent. “Even a small call out our shout out of a good job on even scheduling a meeting goes a long way towards keeping me motivated and happy to repeat these daily tiny wins.”

What makes us most proud about these four awards is the fact that they’re based on real employee feedback. And these latest Comparably Awards follow additional Best Workplace recognitions earlier this year. InfluxData was included in Forbes’ list of America’s Best Startup Employers, ranking in the top 25 percent of featured companies and #16 among technology companies, and named one of Built In’s Best Places to Work 2022 for Bay Area midsized companies. Inclusion in these lists is a great reminder that the culture we’ve built as a team is appreciated across the organization, and it motivates us to continue to grow.

For more information on InfluxData’s inclusion in the Comparably Workplace Culture Awards, visit here. And if you’re interested in joining InfluxData’s award-winning culture, visit our careers page.