DC/OS Plug-in for Telegraf Enables Time Series Data Collection for Container Monitoring Solution

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This is an exciting week for InfluxData and Mesosphere. It is the culmination of several months of hard work by our teams—a collective effort that spans product, engineering, and marketing.

Today, we announced the new Mesosphere DC/OS Plug-in for Telegraf, the agent for collecting and reporting metrics and events in the InfluxData platform. Now Mesos developers have a simple, elegant way to pull data from any application or service deployed using DC/OS.

The plug-in, released to customers today, connects Telegraf via the DC/OS API, allowing the InfluxData platform to capture any data emitting from microservice components running inside DC/OS.

The fundamental conditions of computing have changed substantially over the last decade, and time series data has moved front and center. In modern computing, everything that can be a component is a component. As applications scale out, containers and the components within them generate a relentless stream of data. Containerization and microservices are here to stay—and so is the data!

That’s why we are excited to be working with Mesosphere, who is at the forefront of this evolution. Whether customers run DC/OS, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, or some combination thereof, capturing metrics and events as time series data is essential.

Working together, we aim to simplify the experience for developers using both DC/OS and InfluxData. From a product perspective, we start with tangible product integrations like the DC/OS Plug-in for Telegraf. Our product teams are hard at work on further integration and alignment, which we will share in the coming months.

From a community perspective, we start with education and collaboration, sharing joint customer stories across our respective products. This effort kicks off at MesosCon North America in Los Angeles later this week. Our CTO & Founder Paul Dix will present alongside Tehmasp Chaudhri from Oracle, who built a global monitoring solution with Mesosphere and InfluxData.

We are excited to partner with Mesosphere, and this exciting week is just the first step of many. Like everything at InfluxData, it’s about time!

To learn more about the DC/OS Plug-in for Telegraf, check out our product page.