InfluxDB Week in Review - May 9, 2016

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In this post we’ll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last week or so.

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iowaves logo

InfluxDB was the clear winner when ioWaves was looking for a database to store their time-series data. They needed a straight-forward way to store data points without much of hassle. InfluxDB proved to be simple in use, possessed a clear query language, had useful built-in functions, and a clear roadmap for the future of the product. Because of these attributes, ioWaves was able to get InfluxDB into production quickly.

InduWaves is a new and modern SCADA/Energy Management System as-a-service. ioWaves is building InduWaves to provide users with a zero-configuration web application that collects their data, stores it as time-series and allows them to explore it in many useful and visually stunning ways. InduWaves allows users to optimize their energy consumption and at the same time get an overview of the health of their infrastructure.

zalando logo

Zalando developed PgObserver. It is a PostgreSQL monitoring solution with a data gathering component and a web UI. InfluxDB and Grafana were added to the project as a way to “free the data” as it appeared to be impossible for database engineers to customize the old HTML and Javascript frontend fast enough to account for new use cases. What did Zalando find compelling about InfluxDB? Simplicity of installation, schema discovery features and of course the speed!    

Zalando is is a European eCommerce company seated in Berlin. The company maintains a cross-platform online store that sells shoes, clothing and other fashion items.

madberry logo

Madberry’s systems run geographically distributed and in heterogeneous clustered software that handles tens of thousands of requests per second, processing a terabyte of data each day. Providing this service to their customers means 24x7 uptime is a must. Madberry needed a monitoring solution that allowed them to reliably monitor all of the software in their stack, health of their clusters and KPIs of active advertising campaigns. Madberry makes use of Telegraf, InfluxDB and Kapacitor to perform monitoring and alerting tasks. With these components, Madberry can ensure that their systems are in good health and at the same time receive early warnings about any abnormalities or service degradations that may occur.

Madberry helps mobile game advertisers in acquisition and retention of loyal and paying users for their mobile games on a performance basis.

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