Introducing InfluxAces

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InfluxDB community leaders join program to share expertise and enrich the experience of all developers working with time series data

InfluxData is pleased to introduce InfluxAces, a program recognizing and supporting InfluxDB community leaders who are committed to sharing time series data expertise with their developer peers.

The InfluxDB community continues to grow with the software’s popularity, and the InfluxAces program is designed to address overall engagement through guest blogging, speaking engagements and running meetups around the world. InfluxAces engage on various forums, including Stack Overflow, Reddit, Slack and the InfluxDB community forum where they share solutions and ideas, respond to questions and participate in discussions about the triumphs and challenges of working with time series data.

“From the beginning, the community has been a pivotal component of InfluxData’s open source project,” said Paul Dix, co-founder and CTO of InfluxData. “We recognize and value the contributions of these InfluxAces and through this program, we hope to harness the energy and enthusiasm of InfluxDB super-users and enable them to further contribute to and support the entire community.”

The InfluxAce distinction is awarded to InfluxDB community leaders who are passionate about sharing their time series data knowledge with others, contributing to InfluxData’s open source projects, and are experts in all things InfluxDB.

The inaugural group of InfluxAces includes:

  • Matt Iverson - site reliability engineer at Optum, a division of UnitedHealth Group
  • Jim Hagan - engineering manager at Wayfair
  • Antoine Solnichkin - software engineer at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Dylan Ferreira - lead systems administrator at FuseMail
  • Sebastian Borza - software developer at Serverles
  • Nicolas Steinmetz - founder of CérénIT
  • Logan Zhu - software developer at ByteDance
  • Marc Vandermeiren - senior database administrator at KABece

“InfluxDB is a transformational tool for my DevOps projects, offering observability where I’ve never had it before,” said Ferreira. “The software is incredibly robust and versatile, and I’ve been able to develop solutions that improve my company’s business functions and provide valuable insights company-wide. Through the InfluxAces program, I am empowered to engage with other InfluxDB users in the community to share my learnings and hopefully make InfluxDB more accessible to sysadmins, developers, SREs and beyond.”

InfluxData organized the group’s formation and is continuing to offer support, but the program is now 100 percent community-led. InfluxAces leaders drafted the program’s charter, meet regularly, vote on new members, decide on group initiatives and onboard all new members. Nominations for new Aces are open to anyone by sending a bio to [email protected].

InfluxData is enabling InfluxAces through blog post promotion, securing speaking engagements, sponsoring meetups and providing advanced access to new products and free attendance to InfluxDays user conferences.

The InfluxAces program is managed by InfluxData Community Manager Thom Crowe. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to him at [email protected].