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influxdays virtual 2020

InfluxDays North America 2020 Virtual Experience is just around the corner! Our annual conference is being held on November 10-11, 2020 and we’re super-excited to welcome back the entire InfluxDB community. The conference will be conducted over Zoom and Slack. Click here to register for the free conference!

We’re excited to welcome back familiar speakers and equally excited to have new speakers accompany community favorites. In addition to the live sessions, we will have more sessions available on-demand on November 10, 2020. To get everyone excited about InfluxDays, here are a few highlights of the event to look forward to!

Day 1 lineup

As always, InfluxDays will be kicked off by InfluxDB creator Paul Dix. He will provide an update on InfluxDB and Flux. Get ready to ask Paul all of your InfluxDB questions! paul dix influxdaysPaul Dix, InfluxData
Kurt Schneider will share how his team at Discover Financial has modernized DevOps practices by using InfluxDB. They have been able to create a scalable monitoring solution which has been increasingly important when they had to adapt a 100% remote workforce. kurt schneider influxdaysKurt Schneider, Discover Financial
Did you enjoy Barbara Nelson's InfluxDays talk in June when she announced the Execd Telegraf plugin? Good news! Barbara will be back to discuss data visualizations in the new InfluxDB 2.0 UI.
barbara nelson influxdaysBarbara Nelson, InfluxData

Happy Hour and Trivia

After the Day 1 sessions, stick around as Alex Paxton will be demonstrating how to make a fun cocktail. Alex is part of InfluxData’s design team, and loves mixology.

Trivia will be run by Samantha Wang, Sean Brickley and Patrick Oliver! Samantha is one of our on-demand speakers — so be sure to check her session to learn how to transform data with Telegraf and Flux. samantha-wang-influxdaysSamantha Wang, InfluxData

Day 2 lineup

Day 2 will start with Tim Hall providing everyone with an InfluxDB roadmap update. Learn more about the future of InfluxDB and Flux. If you aren't able to ask Paul your questions, be sure to ask Tim! tim hall influxdaysTim Hall, InfluxData
Are you new to Flux? Don't worry! Anais Dotis-Georgiou and Faith Chikwekwe can help you understand the basics as well as tips on avoiding common mistakes. anais-dotis-georgiou-influxdaysAnais Dotis-Georgiou, InfluxData faith chikwekwe influxdaysFaith Chikwekwe, InfluxData
The Vera C. Rubin Observatory is going to learn more about the universe by continuously collecting 500 petabytes of image data, over a 10-year span! Frossie Economou and Angelo Fausti will demonstrate how they're using Kafka and InfluxDB to capture data from the skies, the telescope and subsystems. frossie economou influxdaysFrossie Economou, Vera C. Rubin Observatory angelo fausti influxdaysAngelo Fausti, Vera C. Rubin Observatory

On-demand sessions

Discover how to use a time series database to enhance your security measures. Darin Fisher is part of InfluxData's security team, and he built the InfluxDB Template for endpoint security. Darin Fisher influxdaysDarin Fisher, InfluxData
Learn more about AWS's free APN Technical Baseline Review from Mansi Vaghela. It connects APN Partners with Partner Solutions Architects who help review architectures and provide AWS best practices. mansi vaghela influxdaysMansi Vaghela, AWS
Jorge de la Cruz is an InfluxAce and a prolific blogger who loves InfluxDB + Grafana. Jorge's session will be on "RESTful API – How to Consume, Extract, Store, and Visualize Data with InfluxDB and Grafana". jorge de la cruz influxdaysJorge de la Cruz, InfluxAce

See you on November 10-11, 2020 – register today for InfluxDays North America 2020 Virtual Experience!