Listen to Baron's talk on Anomaly Detection at Influx/Days

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Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz is a widely-recognized expert on database internals, web performance, and large-scale application development and is known for his contributions to the various database communities like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB. His best-selling technical books and open source software are used by tens of thousands of engineers every day. Before founding VividCortex, Baron was an executive at Percona and he has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.

Baron also has a blog that is insightful as well as entertaining, and I recommend that you take a look when you have a chance. I bumped into his blog when I first started at InfluxData and found a couple of nice pieces on InfluxDB as well as a blog that outlines the requirements of a Time Series Database. We are fortunate that Baron will be spending some time with us at Influx/Days in San Francisco this November and will be closing out our day with a talk titled “What Good Is Anomaly Detection?” This will be a great opportunity to learn how anomaly detection works, so you can understand why it isn’t a good general-purpose solution, and which specific cases it’s good at. If you have seen him speak before, you know that you will definitely learn something new and useful and will be entertained.

November is just around the corner, so register early and come meet Baron in person! If you bring a friend or colleague, we’ll give you two registrations for the price of one.